TSM Auto is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Please be advised that we have taken all of the necessary precautions to continue with business during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our precautions are directly from Government Regulations. Please be advised that Regulations will be upheld by both staff and customers at all times to ensure a SAFE working environment.

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Who We Are

An Automotive workshop is not the type of business is not one which is often started without passion and this is exactly the motive behind TSM Automotive.

TSM Automotive was started because of a passion for motors vehicles. The idea was to create a place where motor vehicle owners would be able to bring their vehicles to receive top rated motor vehicle service without the fear of being ripped off.

Within the motor vehicle industry, trust is everything. People do not often change their mechanic and this is why it is so important to create service repour. This is what we believe in at TSM Auto, and it is the reason that we have been able to create a generational customer base who trusts and respects us enough to share our services with their friends and family.

A trusted Automotive House who believes in being the quality automotive service that you can trust.


To create employment and train valuable skillsets into young and old individuals.  TSM Automotive believes in skills development, to build a stronger and healthier workforce that is educated. Regardless of race, religion or age, we aim to curb unemployment with our drive to help people. A passion we have for doing well by doing good.


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What Our Clients Have To Say

The team at TSM are by far the most genuine mechanics I have ever met. Nobody else will work on my car besides TSM. The attention to detail and overall care is a rarity, and I highly recommend their workshop.

Martin Pace
1972 Ford Cortina